Cat behavior and why my cat is hiding

Cats conceal.

cat behavior

It is only a thing that they do! Hiding is a healthy cat behaviour, and it isn’t necessarily anything to worry about, especially if your cat has been”a hider.”

Unexpected hiding behaviour in cats? That is somewhat different.

My Cat Suddenly Hiding All the Time?

cat behavior: To begin with, let us discuss why cats who have consistently been hiders conceal. They can do it because they believe that it’s comfy; a comfortable corner is their model of nuzzling to a heap of cushions on a sizeable king-sized mattress. Some cats like to direct secret lives — they sneak around the house during the night and want to break and also re-charge by themselves throughout the day.

Now let us discuss why an otherwise societal cat may begin concealing all of a sudden. There are a couple of chances at play, each one the things you ought to know about.

Pain or Illness

cat behavior: Among the most apparent signs of disease in cats is concealing behaviour. If your cat begins covering all of a sudden, it is recommended that you take her into the vet for a comprehensive evaluation to rule out any medical issues.

Anxiety or stress

Cats wear a big game, but they are hypersensitive to worry. And things which don’t believe all that trying for you? Yeah, they really can rattle your kitty. Perhaps you’ve got a brand new job at work that has changed the hours up you are at home. Hiding is an organic kitty response to feeling stressed — they are trying to hide out of the threat — and it is going to go away after your cat begins to unwind most likely. Stress-hiding is generally comparatively short-lived, so if it is not, that is if it is time to go into the vet.


Is the female kitty unspayed? If this is so, her abrupt hiding behaviour could indicate you are going to be the proud parent to another litter of kittens. (Yeah. Pregnant cats do not always seem pregnant, and it is possible because of their illness to go unnoticed until a lot of meowing, hungry kittens appear. A couple of days until they give birth, pregnant cats will typically establish a cozy hiding place where they can safely, independently labour — beneath the bed, under your desk, or supporting a jogging appliance are the most common indoor places.


If fleas have bitten your cat, then she may be concealing as a way of attempting to escape. As soon as you’ve got an infestation, fleas put up blossoms around the home in areas like your kitty’s bed, inside the carpet, and beneath the furniture. If your kitty’s hiding behaviour has been primarily, um, raised? On top of the refrigerator, in your headboard, etc. — there is a perfect chance she is attempting to prevent the fantastic opportunity she will be bitten by fleas close to the soft down surfaces below. It is time to phone the vet (along with a tremendous exterminator!)

Hiding behaviour on your kitty is not anything to fear about, but it is something to look closely at. Never scold or yell at your kitty to come from her hiding place and no matter what you do, do NOT pull her from her hiding place. That is only going to make her feel unsafe than ever before, exacerbating the issue.

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