Why do kitten hate shower?

cats hate water

first of all, Cats and water do not mix, or at least that is how the old expression goes. Because, what is it all about this commonplace liquid which makes them shed their thoughts as captured by a lot of”cats versus bathtubs” movies online? And also, do all cats hate water?

Our feline friends have mystical ways that help keep us guessing about lots of things; however, among the most enduring problems must do with an essential element: water.

And how do they love the water dripping from a faucet, but can combat claws and teeth should they come near a tub filled with water? We will likely never know for sure, but specialists have a few thoughts which could help baffled cat owners know that their pet’s behaviour is somewhat better.

Cats hate water, but Cats are good with water to drink, but when it gets close to their fur, water could immediately turn a joyful cat into a tiny lion. Below are a few of the factors which help clarify why.

Water burdens a down cat

Imagine having to take a soaking wet blanket in your shoulders till it becomes dry. A similar principle is at work in regards to water and cats.

If their whole fur becomes soaked, a kitty will feel weighted down and not able to move at their regular agility degrees. That is instead an uncomfortable experience to get a feline that enjoys navigating life with an elastic, effortless gait.

The kitty’s evolutionary history

Another reason, cats hate water is credited to their account. There’s little in a kitty’s background to urge them for useful connections with bodies of water, be it small or large. Cat’s ancestors dwelt in arid places, so oceans or rivers were not barriers they had to confront. There’s very little inside their ancestors’ past to prepare the contemporary kitty for the tub that will help explain why their initial response would be to scratch their way from the arms of the owner decided to receive them inside.

Cats can smell the chemicals in the water

The smell is a kitty’s strong sense. Though we may not find them, the chemicals in the tap water supply it a specific odour. A kitty’s sensitive nose will select up right away. It is excellent for dipping a paw in every once in a while, however, using their fur submerged in a liquid that smells nothing like their jacket should odour is sufficient to put them off tub time.

Negative encounters

Some cats hate water maybe because they have experienced bathtubs or using their coat moist in early kittenhood. At times it’s those very first interactions that could help elucidate the puzzle of why felines hate water. When being submerged in the water proved to be a stressful encounter the first few times, it is likely they will say”no method” in the sight of their tub well in their adult years.

Deficiency of control

Yes cats hate water but there’s something else that helps explains why a cat will prevent getting into the tub but is pleased to perform any leaking faucet within reach or perhaps venture near the entire bathtub to dip their paw inside — in these cases a cat is going to have more control over the circumstance. After all, they are still sitting securely on dry soil and can readily getaway. However, being on a slick wet face with water pouring down on their jacket, getting in their eyes and weighing them down at the practice is sufficient to create their feline instincts go awry.

Are there some cats who enjoy water?

These reasons felines hate water to consume for many kittens. However, just like any rule, there are also exceptions, and a few cats do enjoy the water.

Maine Coon

Why do cat hate water? A Maine Coon’s water-resistant jacket usually means these kittens won’t be afraid to dab every opportunity they get. Leave the faucet running a little too long, and you will shortly have a Maine Coon on the instance.

Historically these cats are trusted pest controls on sailing boats. Which can help explain why they’re so at ease around bodies of water.

Turkish Van

Among the most breathtaking examples is that the Turkish Van cat breed. Their waterproof coat does not hold water that makes swimming a somewhat pleasurable experience for them. Does the Turkish Van cats hate water? These kittens have this affinity for water that lots of owners. They try to find cat pools so that they could paddle and float into their heart’s content. They love being in the water, so they’ve been given the nickname”the swimming cat.”


Another cat that’s fond of water, the Abyssinian. He won’t wait before exploring everything from a complete tub to their water bowl by dipping their paws in. Kittens came in Europe for the very first time by ship. So maybe their absolute comfort seeing water stems from that first voyage throughout the ocean.

Can I give my kitten shower or my kitten hate shower?

kittens do not have saltwater fur or a calm approach to all things moist such as the cat strains over. You wondering correctly what to do if your cat gets in a wreck they can not wash all independently.

Under specific circumstances, you can bath your kitty. It may be tricky, but a high starting point is to acquire the essentials right. Ensure that you have prepared a no floor mat, expert towels, shampoo and a brush.

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